Your day - your way!

Your special day, your way - that's where our passion lies! We're not about conforming to preconceived wedding ideals or being bound by set "traditions."

What we absolutely love is capturing you and your loved ones at your most authentic and genuine selves, allowing the day to unfold naturally. We prefer to keep things super low-key and unobtrusive and You won't find us lugging around big cameras and fluffy microphones; instead, we effortlessly blend in, becoming a seamless part of your amazing celebration. We want to be more than just your videographer; we want to create an environment where you and your guests feel comfortable. There no Awkwardness and weird posing here!

Our goal is for you to have the time of your life, and while you're enjoying every moment, we'll be right there, capturing it for you in a cinematic, creative, and delightfully natural way.

Shall we do this?

Shall we do this?

Stories are as enduring as love itself.

We are not just documenting your wedding, We are telling your unique love story to the world, in the most natural, personal and artistic way possible.

Crafted with purpose, love, and story.

Memories that last a lifetime

 What to expect

At the core of our values is a deep commitment to creativity, authenticity, and the celebration of individuality.

These principles are the driving force behind every film we create. We pour our hearts and souls into the editing process, investing countless hours to ensure that your film is a true reflection of your unique story. From carefully selecting the perfect soundtrack to crafting a captivating storyline, every element is meticulously chosen.

We absolutely love getting creative and telling stories through our films. It's our passion, and we're dedicated to making your film an unforgettable experience that transports you right back to the day itself. Trust us, there's no cookie-cutter stuff here. Every film we create is carefully and individually crafted, capturing the essence of your love and creating a cinematic masterpiece that is uniquely yours.

So SIT back, relax, and get ready for the premiere that will blow you away with its personal touch and cinematic magic. 

"We are so grateful that we had Kim as our wedding videographer, we couldn't have asked for a better gift! The film is just perfect. She captured all the great moments and made our most beautiful day unforgettable. Already in the first few moments of watching it, we were moved to tears! We don't have much left than just to say

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